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Urban planning and design is to shape the spirit and culture of the city. Our design is adhering to the continuity of the urban context and focuses on creating spaces from different scales to build a crafted public space system, with high accessibility from different hierarchies as well as achieving a human-oriented and sustainable development system.


Our design is based on the needs of the user with diversity and innovative ideas that suits the local context. UCI focuses on the combination of globalised perspective, design method and local cultural environment on the designing process to achieve a uniquely designed art piece among the local community.


Our landscape design takes full account of people's multidimensional sense in the human-oriented principle through outdoor spaces. We are continuously seeking a design method fully considering the site and local environment. Our design shapes a stable design landscape that can be renewed with time, achieving a practical timeless landscaping overall.


Our design fully considers the local culture, life and social environment, complimenting the personality of the end users with the reflection of tastefully designed and aesthetically pleasing spaces. It satisfies the technical and functional requirements,  at the same time it promotes the establishment of humanistic enrichment and aesthetic value of the interior space. 

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